Tim is an experienced public speaker and has delivered illustrated talks on wildlife and conservation themes to various UK and overseas audiences encompassing primary and secondary schoolchildren, students, international schools, zoological conferences and business groups.

He has also appeared at prestigious events including the Oxford Literary Festival and the first ever Cheltenham Science Festival.

Talks can take the form of a structured, illustrated auditorium-based lecture, with time for questions and answers, or an informal presentation in a more intimate setting such as a classroom or bookshop.


Options include:

A Year in Borneo – An insight into the sights and sounds of the Brunei rainforest, where I spent 12 months working as a volunteer at a remote field centre.

Rainforest – A generic talk about the world’s rainforests, the rich diversity of plants and animals that they harbour, and the threats to their survival.

WAR – The Battle To Save Vietnam’s Wildlife – An illustrated account of two years spent helping Wildlife At Risk (WAR) to protect Vietnam’s endangered species from the growing threats posed by development, pollution and the illegal wildlife trade.

Journey into Africa – A wildlife safari for younger school groups, based on a photographic expedition to Botswana to secure material for the children’s book, Journey into Africa, published by Oxford University Press.

Tim Knight is based in Cambridge. Any group interested in booking a talk should contact him directly via email:

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