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Biodiversity challenge – Great argus

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Another pheasant valley,
Song day,
Argus calling.
Direct male,
Unveils his party piece.
Regales her with a
Tail of two sitars,
All eyes on him,
Including hers.
Makes ocelli
And hopes
His thing with feathers
Gains a purchase on her soul.
Struts his stuff upon the stage
And then is hers.
No more.
Show over,
Time to turn the page.
An empty dance floor
Let’s you know the score.
He called, she heard,
She came, she saw,
She concurred.
Wild applause.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014

Biodiversity challenge – O-o

Not enough ado about o-o

Double o
Distress call:
Harassed in Hawaii,
Cornered in Kauai.
Black rat invaders
With licence to kill;
Thirsty mosquitoes
Drinking their fill;
Unwelcome spectres,
Vectors of disease,
Disappearing trees,
Death by degrees.

Cover blown.
Status unknown.
This bird has flown.
Last spied alive
Late ’85.
Down to zero;
Presumed dead.
Are you reading me?

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.

Biodiversity challenge – Brown hyena

The Remains of the Day

Maw agape;
Brown hyena
Taking shape.
Silent silhouette
Above his parapet
Of rock
Draws breath,
Takes stock,
And prowls the strand
For signs of life
Or death.

Once more unto the beach
He wends, once more
And combs the shore.
Sniffer-out of
Unattended seal pups,
Snapper-up of
Unconsidered trifles,
Rifling his way
Through the remains
Of the day.

Shapeshifting demon,
Namibian ghost,
Making the most
Of the Skeleton Coast.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.