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Biodiversity challenge – Great argus

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Another pheasant valley,
Song day,
Argus calling.
Direct male,
Unveils his party piece.
Regales her with a
Tail of two sitars,
All eyes on him,
Including hers.
Makes ocelli
And hopes
His thing with feathers
Gains a purchase on her soul.
Struts his stuff upon the stage
And then is hers.
No more.
Show over,
Time to turn the page.
An empty dance floor
Let’s you know the score.
He called, she heard,
She came, she saw,
She concurred.
Wild applause.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014

Biodiversity challenge – Vogelkop bowerbird

If you build it, she will come

She doesn’t care whether
You’re fancy of feather,
What a girl really digs
Is a wigwam of twigs.
Don’t waste your time posing,
Build something imposing;
A complex construction,
Designed for seduction.

Adorn your front lawn
With the fruits of your labours
Gleaned from the dark forest,
Or pilfered from neighbours.

Choose the best colour code
For your splendid abode.
A few splashes of red
May well turn her head,
Or a hint of magenta
Placed slightly off centre.
For something more mellow
There’s always pale yellow.

If she still doesn’t swoon
At your stunning erection,
Try an artfully strewn
Orange petal collection,
Or blue berried treasure,
Arranged to perfection,
Piled up for her pleasure,
Inviting inspection.

Leave no stone unturned,
Pick a lily and gild it.
Use the power of the bower,
She’ll come if you build it.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.