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Biodiversity challenge – White-lipped peccary

Keeper secret
White-lipped peccary by Ellen Hobgood

White-lipped peccary by Ellen Hobgood www.ellenhobgoodgallery.com

I know it was wrong
To leave the white-lipped
Peccaries in a holding pen
With the armadillo
For so long.
And it’s true
It took me ages
To clean out their cages.
But surely you
Can remain tight-lipped
About a peccadillo
Or two?

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.

Species profile: White-lipped peccary

IUCN Red List Category: Vulnerable

The white-lipped peccary occurs from southern Mexico to northern Argentina, often in herds over 100 strong, and is an important indicator of healthy forests and ecosystems. It is a key prey species for big cats, and plays a vital role in neotropical forests as a predator and disperser of seeds. White-lipped peccary numbers have fallen by almost 30% within the past two decades. Habitat loss, illegal hunting and disease pose major threats to the species, which has also suffered from sudden unexplained population crashes and local extinctions in several areas.