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Biodiversity challenge – Northern brown howler

Vocal hero

Northern brown howlers by Kitty Harvill http://www.natureartists.com/kitty_harvill.asp

He’s a big noise,
One of the boys,
Roaring success.
Reading aloud from
The gruff guide
To life.

There hangs by a tail
In his primate pomp,
Proudly proclaiming
A New World order.

Headline news
From the guttural press.
Pumps up the volume,
Pushes the throat out.

Staking his claim,
Fortissimo fashion,
Unleashing decibel hell
From the trees.

He’s out on a limb,
Hanging tough,
No silencing him,
He’s brown
And he’s loud.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.

Species profile:
Northern brown howler

IUCN Red List Category:
Critically Endangered

As their name suggests, brown howler monkeys are best known for their loud territorial calls, which can be heard over distances of several kilometres. One of ten species of howler, they are confined to the Atlantic coastal forest of south-east Brazil and north-east Argentina, where they live in social groups high in the canopy. The Northern brown howler subspecies is believed to number fewer than 250 individuals, restricted to an area north of the Rio Jequitinhonha in Brazil.

Biodiversity challenge – Eskimo curlew

Do cry for me, Argentina

Solo flight
September 63;
To australis,
Pampas bound
From freezing tundra.

Set for touchdown
In Barbadian
Halfway haven;
Scheduled fuel stop
On familiar shores.

Blown into oblivion
By a bullet
From the Caribbean blue.
Look to your eskimo friend;
I’m downed,

Chau, my shining star;
Lone survivor in the
Curlew constellation.
No more woeful wheeple
On those silent southern plains.

Buenos tardes,
Damas y caballeros.
Arrival of
Final flight
From Canada
Via Barbados

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.