Biodiversity challenge – Harpy eagle

True harpiness

Airborne majesty – Birdy’s Flight.
Effortless soaring – Across The River.
Crested assassin – Mother Of Violence.
Capuchin troop – A Quiet Moment.
Canopy foragers – Shaking The Tree.
Out on a limb – Exposure.
Aquiline shadow – Intruder.
Vigilance needed – Big Time.
Massive attacker – Shock The Monkey.
Cranium cracker – Sledgehammer.
Crushed like an eggshell – Oh Beak, Oh Beak, Oh.
Ripped wide open – Warm And Alive.
Blood from the treetops – Red Rain.
Life draining out – It Is Accomplished.
Simian rag doll – Downside Up.
Destined for dinner – The Nest That Sailed The Sky.
Ravenous chicks – Waiting For The Big One.
Murderous mouths – Excellent Birds.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.

(With apologies to Peter Gabriel)

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