Biodiversity challenge – Venus flytrap

The tendril trap

Snappy dressing scarlet lady,
Trigger-happy femme fatale,
Outstretched fingers and love me tendrils,
Beckoning you to a pointy reckoning.

Craving the patter of tiny feet,
The gnat-like tread
Of dead meat walking;
Unwitting prey
Threading its way,
On tiptoe through
Her two lips.

Watch your step
And find the gap.
Mind her
Ruby booby trap.
Too late, wham bam,
Thank you, ma’am;
Lockdown, lockjaws,
Cage doors slam.

The chlorophyll clam
And her latest squeeze;
Belle dame sans merci,
Bon appétit.

© Tim Knight and timknightwriter, 2014.

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